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June 8th, 2023
"Timeslips & Tabs were too
cumbersome for me to use
efficiently. ESP Law cuts out
all the hassle. As an attorney,
I just enter my time on one
single screen, just like I wrote
it down on a single sheet of
paper for years. My secretary
just pushes a button at the end
of the month and generates
all my bills, and easy to read
reports. ESP Law is so simple
to use!!"

  - Travis, Nebraska
                   Trial Attorney

"ESP Law has made our office
run more efficient. It takes
less time to do billing - giving
us more time to focus on our
clients' cases. Our firm is
thankful we found ESP Law!!"

  -Jeanne, Office Manager

"I love ESP Law! Everything I
need is right at my fingertips;
and entering time has never
been easier. ESP Law is a
highly valuable tool to have
in small and larger firms
alike. I highly recommend it!!"

  -Cheri, Paralegal

Most time and billing softwares on the market today are made with the large law firm in mind. Their software is so compicated and un-userfriendly that it requires a full-time professional to operate it. Well, what about the small law firm that cannot afford to hire a full-time software operator?

Bartin Technologies, LLC introduces ESP Law; Efficient, Simple, and Precise Time and Billing Software for the Small Law Firm. ESP Law is designed for the small law firm who wants to maximize their billable time and minimize the time they spend billing. Do you wish you could do your work efficiently, simply and precisely without a lot of hassles? If you are a small* law firm overwhelmed by the complexity and seemingly endless, useless features of your current time and billing software, then ESP Law is right for you!! ESP Law is so easy to use it almost reads your mind!

ESP Law was developed as a solution for the small law firm that desires time and billing software that is not only precise and efficient, but is also simple to use. Its so easy to use, that your firm can be more efficient the first day you use it! ESP Law was designed specifically for lawyers, using lawyer input to provide precisely what law firms need from time and billing software. ESP Law will cut the time you spend on billing drastically, giving you more time to bill out. It has all the functions that your law firm needs.

They include the need to:

  • Store client information
  • Keep accurate record of expenses for each case
  • Keep accurate record of all time spent on each case
  • Record payments
  • Easily view payments and invoices
  • Backup and restore your data
  • Perform a conflict of interests search
  • Easily create invoices for all of your clients
  • Add time and expenses to previous billing cycles
  • Reverse the previous billing cycle
  • See where you are making/losing money with effective reports

Other great features include:

  • A FREE 30-day trial of the full version of ESP Law, so you know what you're getting before you spend a dime.
  • User login, each user has their own password and the admin account can set what functions each user will have access to.
  • Customization of expense types, case types, invoice messages and the image that appears on the invoices
  • We give you the information you need in simple, easy to understand reports. We don't confuse you with meaningless reports.
  • Free technical support for the first 60 days (including 30-day free trial)

System requirements:

  • Intel® Pentium® III, or later with 500MHz or faster processor, or compatible
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free disk space for installation
    Note: Database will grow in size as you use ESP Law
  • Internet connection

ESP Law has been tested with these minimum requirements.
These are only recommendations for the effective use of ESP Law.

*ESP Law is designed for law firms with 10 or less lawyers.

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