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June 8th, 2023
"Timeslips & Tabs were too
cumbersome for me to use
efficiently. ESP Law cuts out
all the hassle. As an attorney,
I just enter my time on one
single screen, just like I wrote
it down on a single sheet of
paper for years. My secretary
just pushes a button at the end
of the month and generates
all my bills, and easy to read
reports. ESP Law is so simple
to use!!"

  - Travis, Nebraska
                   Trial Attorney

"ESP Law has made our office
run more efficient. It takes
less time to do billing - giving
us more time to focus on our
clients' cases. Our firm is
thankful we found ESP Law!!"

  -Jeanne, Office Manager

"I love ESP Law! Everything I
need is right at my fingertips;
and entering time has never
been easier. ESP Law is a
highly valuable tool to have
in small and larger firms
alike. I highly recommend it!!"

  -Cheri, Paralegal

ESP Law Server Package $299  
  The server package is the most integral part of ESP Law. It houses the database, reports and etc. This package is required to run ESP Law and must be installed prior to installing the client package. The server package is only needed on one computer in the law firm.

ESP Law Client Package $99  
  The client package is what makes ESP Law networkable throughout the law firm. This package will need to be installed on every computer in the law firm that you want to use ESP Law on (except for the computer with the server package). The server package must be installed prior to installing the client package(s).

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