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June 8th, 2023
"Timeslips & Tabs were too
cumbersome for me to use
efficiently. ESP Law cuts out
all the hassle. As an attorney,
I just enter my time on one
single screen, just like I wrote
it down on a single sheet of
paper for years. My secretary
just pushes a button at the end
of the month and generates
all my bills, and easy to read
reports. ESP Law is so simple
to use!!"

  - Travis, Nebraska
                   Trial Attorney

"ESP Law has made our office
run more efficient. It takes
less time to do billing - giving
us more time to focus on our
clients' cases. Our firm is
thankful we found ESP Law!!"

  -Jeanne, Office Manager

"I love ESP Law! Everything I
need is right at my fingertips;
and entering time has never
been easier. ESP Law is a
highly valuable tool to have
in small and larger firms
alike. I highly recommend it!!"

  -Cheri, Paralegal

ESP Law Update v1.1.28 - Download Update

Updated 10/02/2014 - This update is for computers running the main install of ESP Law (server or sole computer). This update does not need to be run on any networked workstations running an ESP Law client license. This update is recommended for anyone running an older version of ESP Law. It includes minor bug fixes, a few new capabilities and reports. No changes have been made to the functionality you are already familiar with. A full list of additions and changes are below. Updates are cumulative.

v1.1.28 Changes - 10/02/2014
  • Adjustments for first time installers, so certain screens can't be run when no data is present yet.
  • Re-package of full server installer for first time downloaders.

v1.1.27 Changes - 2/15/2013
  • Adjusted confirmation prompt if user adds a payment without checking the 'deduct from trust account' box for clients with a trust account. Now requires a trust account balance greater than zero.
  • Adjusted detailed and detailed w/ remittance invoices to prevent blank page from being printed at the end.

v1.1.26 Changes - 1/9/2013
  • Added trust account balance to payment screen for clients that have a trust account.
  • Added confirmation prompt if user adds a payment without checking the 'deduct from trust account' box for clients with a trust account.
  • Added confirmation prompt when adding a write off to help prevent user entry errors.
  • Added timer to timesheet. This does not auto-create a time entry in the grid, but allows timekeepers to simply track time on a phone call or during a client meeting.
  • Added total hours column, total expenses/interest column, and a row for report totals to flat fee case analysis report. Overall average dollars per hour added to report. You also can now run this report and specify to only include cases that were closed during the chosen reporting period. This report is now much more useful to analyze your flat fee cases.
  • Added total payments received on all case type reports
  • Added new invoice layouts. You can now choose from simple, simple w/ remittance, detailed, and detailed w/ remittance. Choose the invoice type you wish to use under Tools > Options. Reports menu now has only one menu for printing invoices. Remittance invoices are designed for 3 1/2 or 3 2/3 perforation paper.
  • Added the ability to sort invoices when printing by client name, primary lawyer, or zip code. You can specify this setting under Tools > Options.
  • Added new report called timekeeper summary. This report breaks down payments received during the reporting period, and allocates fees to timekeepers.
  • Added new report called payment allocation by case. This report is much like the timekeeper summary report, but breaks down payments further by individual cases.
  • Administrator user can now set database backup path under Tools > Options. Be sure to use a backup path available to all networked users running ESP Law.
  • Interest records can now be edited in the case ledger. That way a user can adjust amounts if they wish, or zero them out. Deletion of interest records is not possible because the program would re-add them next time interest calculations are done. User should zero them out instead.
  • Changed 'year to date' to 'year-to-date' in program and reports.
  • When closing ESP Law, a new splash screen is displayed so user knows ESP Law is still working on closing. This was put in place mainly for networked users with slower connections, so they know ESP Law is still running. Database maintenance and backups are performed when the last user with ESP Law open closes the program. Recommended network speed is 100 Mbps. Hard wired connection is good, wireless N is good, wireless G will see a slower close down time.
  • Adjusted text on billable case hour report and court appointed case hour report to be 'fees billed' instead of 'dollars billed'.
  • Program enablement key now works for all users who login to the computer, instead of just the current user. This eliminates the need to re-enter your key when a different user on the computer runs ESP Law for the first time.
  • Fixed bug in Vista and Windows 7 when a user was unable to set their report logo under Tools > Options.
  • Fixed bug where all users had to be set to 'Lawyer' to bill time under Tools > Options.
  • Fixed rare error when entering time on timesheet screen. Error would cause no amount to be calculated (visible on case ledger screen).
  • Fixed bug on about screen, when trying to close the view license box by use of the X. An improper message box came up before fix.
  • Fix to timesheet by case report so totals round to 2 decimal places instead of just 1 decimal place.
  • Fix to timesheet by date report to add court appointed case subtotal.
  • Fix to year-to-date reports when there are more than 6 timekeepers. Far right columns were getting dropped off the report.

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